Award Winning Fudge

Since 1986 Amy Smith’s has specialised in the manufacture and wholesale of traditional toffee, fudge, coconut ice and other time honoured treats. We dispatch daily, all over the UK, Europe and even as far as Russia, New Zealand and the USA.

We believe that our confectionery is of the highest quality having an unforgettably delicious, creamy flavour, making it a moreish desire.

Priced competitively, Amy Smith’s gives you the opportunity to realise extremely rewarding profits whilst working with a product the public loves.

Whether retailing from speciality sweet shops, shows and events, market stalls or craft fairs, our confectionery is easily managed in all weathers and is always well received.

Our fudges are sold with five bars per bag, each bag typically weighing 1.7kg. The format in which we supply fudge to you gives you as much flexibility as possible. Selling by the whole bar (approximately 340 grams each) is an efficient way of selling large amounts of fudge.  The traditional method of “Cut and Serve”, cutting fresh fudge off the block to suit the customers requirements, gives a personal touch which never goes out of fashion. Alternatively you can slice, dice, cube or cut the fudge to any shape or size that suits you and whether it’s Pick and Mix, Pre Packed Fudge, Wedding Favours or Corporate Gifts, there is always a way to suit your style of selling.

Please feel free to contact us on 01302 719328 or email for additional information on wholesale confectionery prices, profit margins and set up advice.


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